Electronic resources



Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition  
Orbis Latinus (Latin place names)  
Philosophers (texts and resources)  
Rhetorical Figures (definitions and examples)  
Roman Law (texts)  
Index of Medieval MSS  
Words (Latin dictionary)  
Early English Text Society (EETS)  
Representations of France in England  
CERES (Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service)  
Records of Early English Drama (REED) (University of Toronto)  
Records of Early English Drama (REED): Patrons and Performances site
(Data about professional performers on tour in the provinces: patrons, performance venues, and routes)
Literature Online (Chadwyck)  

Text Databases

Early English Books Online  
Early Manuscripts (Oxford University)  
EuroDocsWiki (Western European primary historical documents)  
Iter Gateway (Toronto database of medieval and Renaissance)  
Year Books: Medieval English Legal History (Boston University)  
Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image (SCETI)  
Renaissance Liturgical Imprints  
Luminarium (Early Modern English Literature)  
Labyrinth Library: Latin Texts  
Internet Archive  
English Medieval Legal Documents Wiki  
Thomas Middleton (Oxford)  

Early Modern Music

Early Music  
Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (Latin Music corpus)  

Shakespeare Resources

The Complete Works (MIT)  
Shakespearean Intertextualities (Marburg)  
World Shakespeare Bibliography Online (Folger Institute)  
The Shakespeare Quartos Archive  
The Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham)  
Touchstone (British Library)  
The Globe (London)  
Learning About Shakespeare  

Continental Early Modern Resources

Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies  
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society  
Dutch Golden Age (early modern Dutch resources)  
Literatura Española Medieval y del Renacimiento (Valencia)  

Library Sources

Folger Shakespeare Library  
The Huntington  
The British Library  
Library of Congress  
iris Consortium of Art History and Humanities Libraries in Florence  
Vatican Library  
Copac (Consortium of UK libraries)  
Bodleian (Oxford)  

Art and Visual Resources

The English Emblem Book Project  
Glasgow University Emblem Website  
Iconclass (The Netherlands Institute for Art History)  
Images Online (British Library)  
Ursicula (University of Leiden)  
Provenance Image Database  
Treasures in Full (British Library)  
The Open Emblem Portal  

Early Modern Journals

Shakespeare Quarterly (Folger Institute)  
Renaissance Studies  
Cahiers Élisabéthains (Montpellier)  
Milton Quarterly  
Marlowe Studies  
John Donne Journal  
Early Modern Literary Studies (EMLS)  
Early Theatre (REED)  

Research Societies and Groups

Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS, UK)  
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Durham)  
Center for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (York)  
Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (Toronto)  
Bergen Shakespeare and Drama Network (Bergen)  
Center for the Study of the Renaissance (Warwick)  
Warburg Institute (London)  
The Shakespeare Institute (Birmingham)  
Forum for Renaissance Studies (Copenhagen)  
The Renaissance Society of America (RSA)  
The Sidney Homepage (Cambridge)  


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