Intensive Seminar

Approaches to the Text


Papers will be dealing with manuscripts, orally transmitted texts and early printed texts.
The invited speakers work in in different fields, methodologies, languages and epochs from antiquity to the Early Modern Period


Årstein Justnes, University of Agder
Ad Fontes: On Interpreting 'Biblical' Manuscripts Older than the Bible

Tor Vegge, University of Agder
Books and texts in Hellenistic philosophical schools

Espen Karlsen, Norwegian National Library, Oslo
Patristic Manuscripts in Medieval Norway

Thomas Pettitt, Syd-Danske Universitetet, Odense
Multiple Texts: Folkloristic Approaches to Early Modern Performance Culture

Carter Hailey, William and Mary College, Maryland
Artefacts of the Early Modern Professional Theatre: The Paper Trail

Roy Eriksen, University of Agder
Poetics, Stylometrics and Attribution Studies

Time: Sept 11, 2010  
Host: University of Agder  


contact info:
Early Modern Research Group

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Modern Languages and Translation

Box 422; N – 4604 Kristiansand, Norway