Early Modern and Modern Studies


Early Modern and Modern Studies publishes monographs, collections of essays, and scholarly editions. It aims to create a forum for international scholars who study the art and intellectual expressions of Early Modern European cities and their role in the creation of a shared European cultural and social space in a period of expansion and increased confrontation. The important themes and cultural expressions discussed, and the wider relevance of Early Modern art forms and cultural statements in contemporary society, make the series into a valuable resource for specialists as well as for the general reader.

While the interdisciplinary series studies the cultural expressions of Early Modern cities, the initial focus inevetably falls on the culture of Renaissance Italian citiy states and their lasting influence on European culture to the present. Today novel and interdisciplinary approaches to Early Modern Europe increase our awareness of how its urban culture was a major vehicle for creating the preconditions for the rise of a critical public sphere and toleration. The negotiations between the forces of dynamic societal change and the forces resisting change, produced the democratic life-world that is the essential mental material habitat of contemporary Europeans. The programme thus focues on the interplay between epistemological and artistic processes of formation and new ways of expressing human needs and preoccupations in the evolving public spheres of urbanised society. Contributions in the series are therefore concerned with the changing role of genres, modes and media of communication in these developments, including the novel forms old and new institutions assumed in Early Modern societies.

The series is published by Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa-Rome

ISSN: 1828-2164

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