Early Modern Research Group

EMRG, the Early Modern Research Group, aims to be a hub for an international community of researchers working within a variety of disciplines, from political, religious and art history to literature, music, architecture and language, all centered on the historical period which is today known as the Early Modern (1400-1700) in Europe. EMRG’s intention is to enable and promote an exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge across disciplinary and national borders.

EMRG aims at a matrix function which serves to integrate research strands and researchers from different disciplines, in different institutions and in different countries. The group hosts and organizes seminars, postgraduate courses, intensive seminars and journals. EMRG encompasses several distinct subprojects that aim at uncovering and disseminating groundbreaking insights about the Early Modern period ranging from dedicated basic research, to the EMMS (Early Modern and Modern Studies) book series and the online journal EMCO (Early Modern Culture Online).



New issue of Early Modern Culture Online out now: EMCO 2.1

Call for papers to EMCO #2.2

Four members of EMRG gave papers on the BSDN conference "Shakespeare Whose Contemporary". A summery of the conference can be found here.

This first edition of Early Modern Culture Online: "Framing and Reframing".

The new volume of Sacred Text - Sacred Space, is now forthcoming. More info here.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Loves, Layers, Languages, edited by Professor Sonja Fielitz, is now available. Book description and order form is found here.





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